Brussels Coffee Week

The Brussels Coffee Week is a collective of young coffee enthousiasts with a passion for specialty coffee.
By organizing workshops, lectures and events we are the binding force for a coffee community in Brussels, bringing together coffee lovers, geeks and professionals.
Throughout the year we create a guide through the Brussels Coffee scene.

The Coffee Community

Coffee Lovers

For the coffee enthousiast, always looking for the next best place to drink a cappuccino. We would love to guide you through the city.

Coffee Geeks

This curious coffee creative you can always find at the latest cupping, workshop or sitting at the bar discussing extraction theory.

Coffee Professionals

The young couple dreaming about their own coffee bar or the lunch place looking to connect with the coffee scene in Brussels.


Wouter Helsen

Wouter has been working in specialty coffee since 2012. He started as a barista at OR Coffee Roasters. Today he is responsible for the OR School, training young baristas and helping people to start their own coffee business. He co-founded the Belgium Cuppers Club, the predecessor of The Brussels Coffee Week.

Ali Yousefi

Ali worked as a R&D manager at Lamiz Roasters in Iran. Now he roasts at specialty coffee roaster Mok in Leuven and works as a barista in their Brussels coffee bar. He’s Brussels Coffee Weeks ultimate coffee geek.


Rabie’s passion for coffee started in a time before specialty coffee hit Brussels, when the third wave appeared it was like a revelation for him. As a coffee addict, he is an important part of the Brussels Coffee scene. You can find him drinking or preparing coffee as a freelance barista almost anywhere in Brussels.

Hana De Pauw

Growing up in Brussels, she had her first specialty coffee experience at OR Coffee. Following her dream she worked as head barista at OR Coffee Roasters. Now she is responsible for the communication and marketing at the roastery, sharing her passion for coffee.

Lauréanne Hannes

Lauréanne is as a freelance graphic designer. She worked as a barista at OR Coffee Roasters. Today she is a devoted home barista and she loves to explore new coffee bars.



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